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THE KOREAN SOCIETY OF FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION (KFN) was founded in 1971. The KFN was registered with the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies as an academic organization on August 1, 1979. The objective of the KFN is to contribute to the improvement of public health and Nutritional status via mainly implementation of dietary changes, and to facilitate the application of research in the food and nutrition science, therefore influencing public policy and regulations. The Society makes the dissemination of information for the nutrition and food science for health improvement to the public a priority so that it benefits the community at large. The KFN is working to achieve these goals through coping with the following objectives:
  1. To sponsor symposiums and conferences that present research findings in food and nutrition.
  2. To publish and to distribute four important journals of KFN: the Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition (in Korean), Food Industry and Nutrition (in Korean), Journal of Medicinal Food (JMF, in English) and the Preventive Nutrition and Food Science (PNF, in English).
  3. To communicate with other societies and institutes related to food and nutrition sciences nationally and internationally.
  4. To carry out other health improvement-related projects which are related to food and nutritional science to meet KFN goals.

International Symposium and Annual Meeting is held annually. For the Annual Meeting, over 1,500 scientists meet to learn, to discuss, and to present the newest scientific concepts and their research findings. There are also exhibitions of scientific equipment, supplies, and publications at the meetings.
The Symposium for and by Food and Nutrition is held more than three to four times annually. Current hot topics are discussed by academic researchers and members of the food and nutrition industries.

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