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Comparison of Nutrition Knowledge, Dietary Attitude and Dietary Habit inElementary School Children With and Without Nutrition Education
Okhee Lee1, Soon Ok Chang2, and Min Jung Park1
1Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, Yongin University, Gyeonggido 449-714, Korea; 2Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Suwon University, Gyeonggido 445-743, Korea

This study was aimed to compare nutrition knowledge, dietary attitude and habit of elementary school children with and without education. Eighty-four subjects with unbalanced eating behavior were selected and assigned to either control or education group. The subjects in education group participated in a nutrition education program once a week for 8 weeks. The contents of nutrition education were on food tower, balanced nutrition, nutrient function, food group, importance of breakfast, and nutrition label, etc and the program was performed by a school dietitian. The effects of education was assessed by self-administered questionnaire prior to and after nutritional education. Nutrition knowledge except on snack, dietary self-efficacy except on low fat/ low calorie, attitude except on functional food and favorite, and general dietary habits of children in education group were significantly improved while those in control group showed no changes. Also, factors for unbalanced eating was improved by nutrition education indicating the need for correction on unbalanced eating was diminished. However, children's adherence to snack, instant and fast food remained to be corrected. The dietary habit of balanced eating was improved by education reducing the percentage of unbalanced eating on grain and meat․fish․milk groups. The nutrition education appears to be effective to provide nutrition knowledge thereby to improve dietary attitude, dietary self-efficacy, and partly to reduce children's unbalanced eating factor.
Key words : elementary school children:unbalanced eating:nutrition education:dietary habits
Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition 37(11), 1427~1434 (2008)
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