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Volume 48 Number 7, July 2019

Original Articles
699 Antioxidant and Antimelanogenic Activities of Panax ginseng Sprout Extract
Dong-Uk Lee1, Hee-Bin Ku1, Young-Jae Lee2, Gyo-Nam Kim1, and Seung-Cheol Lee1
1School of Bioconvergence, Kyungnam University; 2Jirisan Insect Industry Farming Association Corporation
704 Effects of Antioxidant Activities and Hair Loss Prevention of Platycodon grandiflorum Ethanol Extract
Min-Hwa Jung
Hair Scalp Research Institute, Daedong College
710 Probiotic Characteristics of Bacillus tequilensis JBC17126 Isolated from Korean Traditional Soybean Paste
Hong-Jin Park1, Hyeon Hwa Oh1, Do Youn Jeong2, and Young-Soo Kim1
1Department of Food Science and Technology, Chonbuk National University; 2Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry (MIFI)
718 Quality Characterization by Various Juice Extraction Method and Changes inPhysiological Activities by In Vitro Digestion of Angelica keiskei, Brassica oleracea, and Oenanthe javanica Vegetable Juices
Song Min Lee1, Hye-Jung Park1, Hee Sook Kim1, Ji-Youn Kim1, Sang-Hyeon Lee2, Jeong Su Jang1, and Mun Hyon Lee1
1Food Research Center, Angel Co., Ltd.; 2Major in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Division of Bioindustry, Silla University
728 Quality Characteristics and Antioxidant Activities of Strawberries according to Various Extraction Methods
Mi-Jeong Bae1, Eu Na Kim2, Hyeon Kyeong Choi1, Mi Soon Byun2, Kang-Hyun Chung1, Jin-A Yoon3, and Jeung Hee An3
1Department of Food Science and Technology, Seoul National University of Science & Technology; 2Research Institute of S&P International; 3Department of Food and Nutrition, KC University
739 Physicochemical Compositions, Antioxidant Activity, and Sensory Acceptance of Oak Acorn Extracts with Different Air-Roasting Levels
Sunghoon Jung1 and Soojin Park1,2
1Department of Oriental Medical Food & Nutrition, Semyung University Graduate School; 2School of Food & Nutrition Science for Bioindustry, Division of Food and Nutrition, Semyung University
748 Physicochemical Characteristics of Brazilian Coffea arabica cv. Catuai Coffee Extracts with Different Roasting Conditions
Eunkyung Kim1, Yoonhwa Jeong2,3, Sunyoung Gu2,3, Ka-Young Song3, Inyong Kim3, and Ki-Young Kim1
1Department of Food Service Industry Management, Graduate School of Tourism Business Management, Kyonggi University; 2Department of Food Science and Nutrition and 3Research Center for Industrialization of Natural Neutralization, Dankook University
757 Quality Characteristics of Sponge Cakes Prepared from Different Varieties of Potatoes Available in Korea
Hui-Yeong Seong1,2, Seoungsoon Yeo1,2, Hyunah Jang1,2, Chanhee Lee1, Jiyeon Lee1, Seongjun Yoon3, Youngseung Lee1,2, Yoonhwa Jeong1,2, and Misook Kim1,2
1Department of Food Science and Nutrition and 2Research Center for Industrialization of Natural Nutraceuticals, Dankook University; 3Department of Baking Science, Hyejeon College
763 Optimization of Static and Dynamic Headspace Analyses of Trimethylamine Using Response Surface Methodology
Dong-Lee Hong1, Sung-Rae Cho2, Jeong-Wan Yu1, So-hyun Kim1, Hyeon-Jae Kim1, and Yang-Bong Lee1
1Department of Food Science and Technology, Pukyong National University; 2Food Safety and Processing Research Division, National Institute of Fisheries Science
769 Selection Attributes of Leached Teas according to Food-Related Lifestyle and Consumption Behavior
Jisun Lee
College of Science and Technology, Kookmin University
Research Note
777 Whitening Effects of Diospyros kaki Core Ethanol Extract
Eui-Baek Byun1, Hee-Suk Min2, Min-Jin Kim2, Soon-Jung Kim2, Won-Jong Park2, Ha-Yeon Song1, JeongMoo Han1, Kwangwook Kim2, and Eui-Hong Byun2,3
1Advanced Radiation Technology Institute, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute; 2Department of Food Science and Technology and 3Food Science Research Institute, Kongju National University
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