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Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition (J Korean Soc Food Sci Nutr) is the official journal published and distributed monthly by the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition. This journal aims to promote and encourage the advancement of the field of food science and nutrition including nutraceuticals and functional foods, community nutrition, clinical nutrition, foodservice management, food sanitation, food processing, food chemistry, and food microbiology.
The journal is indexed in SCOPUS, Chemical Abstracts, Google Scholar, National Discovery for Science Leaders (NDSL), and Korea Citation Index (KCI).

Current Issue
Volume 48 Number 10, October 2019

Original Articles
1053 Increased Antioxidant Activity of the Fermented Cnidium officinale Extract by Lactobacillus plantarum BHN-LAB 33
Su Jin Jeong1, Byung-Hyuk Kim1, Jun-Hyeong Lee1,2, YeEun Park1, Jung-Gyu Kim1,2, Gi-Seok Kwon2, and Jung-Bok Lee1
1Institute for Development of Bio-industrial Materials, BHNBIO Co., LTD.; 2Division of Horticulture & Medicinal Plant, Andong National University
1061 Effect of Cooking Methods on Bioactive Compound Contents and Antioxidant Activities of Brussels Sprouts
Eun-Sun Hwang
Department of Nutrition and Culinary Science, Hankyong National University
1070 Comparison of Quality Characteristic and Antioxidant Activity of Enteromorpha prolifera from Seosan and Muan in Korea
Seung Yeon Baek and Mee Ree Kim
Department of Food & Nutrition, Chungnam National University
1079 Antioxidant Activity of Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinus edodes) Water Extract and Its Quality Characteristics Effect in Muffins
Chang-Suk Kong1,2, Young Ju Choi1, Jung Hwan Oh2, Jung Im Lee2, So Young Park1, Hye Ran Kim1, Byung-Jin Jeon3, Dongmin Kim3, and Kyung Im Jung1
1Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Medical and Life Sciences and 2Marine Biotechnology Center for Pharmaceuticals and Foods, College of Medical and Life Sciences, Silla University; 3Busan Technopark
1090 Physicochemical Properties and Antioxidant Activities of Sulgidduk Added with Enteromorpha prolifera
Da Hee Kim, Seung Yeon Baek, Su Jin Kim, and Mee Ree Kim
Department of Food & Nutrition, Chungnam National University
1098 Validation of the Analytical Method for Chlorogenic Acid in Blueberry Yeast Fermented Powder for Standardization as a Functional Health Ingredient
Su-Ji Jeong, Hee-Jong Yang, Myeong Seon Ryu, Ji Won Seo, and Do-Youn Jeong
Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry (MIFI)
1105 Method Validation and Quantification of Lignans in the Fruits of Korean Omija (Schisandra chinensis) by Cultivation Region
Byung Soon Hwang, Gi-Chang Kim, Young Hee Park, and In Guk Hwang
Department of Agrofood Resources, National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Rural Development Administration
1112 Physicochemical Characteristics and Quality Properties of a Cereal-Based Beverage Made with Roasted Kamut (Triticum turgidum ssp.)
Phyrim Lee1, Hyeonbin O1, Si Yeon Kim1, and Young-Soon Kim1,2
1Department of Integrated Biomedical and Life Sciences and 2Department of Food & Nutrition, Korea University
1120 Effects of Fermented Dendropanax morbifera Extract on the Quality of Kimchi during Fermentation
Dohee Kim1, Songmi Lee2, and Hee-Kyong Ro2
1Department of Food and Nutrition, Graduate School of Dongshin University; 2Department of Food and Nutrition, Dongshin University
1127 Changes on the Quality of Donuts Using Psyllium Husk as Powder and Edible Coatings
Hyeonbin Oh1, Byung Bum Choi2, and Young-Soon Kim1,3
1Department of Integrated Biomedical Life Sciences and 3Department of Food and Nutrition, Korea University; 2Major in Food and Nutrition, Division of Food Science & Culinary Arts, Shinhan University
1135 Production of Soybean Macaron Using Enzyme-Treated Soybean Powder
Dae Hyoung Lee, Hyun Kyung Jeong, Jae Soon Seo, Seon Yi Won, Heui Yun Kang, Tai-Moon Ha, and Jeong-Hyun Chi
Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research Extension Services
1143 Physicochemical Properties of Gluten-Free Rice Pan Bread by Adding Processed Rice Flour
Won-Mo Kim1, Ki-Hong Yoon2, and Gyu-Hee Lee2
1Department of Baking & Pastry, Woosong College; 2Department of Food Science & Biotechnology, Woosong University
1153 Study on Purchasing Characteristics and Product Development Needs of Chinese Convenient Baby Food Consumers
Jeong-Min Jang, Hee-Ryong Choi, and Wan-Soo Hong
Department of Foodservice Management and Nutrition, Sangmyung University
Research Notes
1165 Anti-Diabetic Activity of Edible Insect Gryllus bimaculatus Extracts in Insulin-Deficient Diabetic Mice
Hyung Taek Cho1, Kyu Sang Sim2, Yeona Kim2, Moon Han Chang3, Taewan Kim2, Seung Hwan Lee2, Dong-Hee Lee4, and Jun Ho Kim2
1Division of Food Development, R&D Center, Naturetech Co., Ltd.; 2Department of Food Science and Biotechnology and 4Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation, Andong National University; 3Department of Food and Biotechnology, Korea University
1172 Protective Effect of Jujube Water Extract against UVB-Induced Skin Photoaging in Human Skin Fibroblasts
Seonghwa Hong1, Hana Lee1, Taekyoung Jeong1, Younghwa Kim2, Heon Sang Jeong1, and Junsoo Lee1
1Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Chungbuk National University; 2School of Food Biotechnology and Nutrition, Kyungsung University

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