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Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition (J Korean Soc Food Sci Nutr) is the official journal published and distributed monthly by the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition. This journal aims to promote and encourage the advancement of the field of food science and nutrition including nutraceuticals and functional foods, community nutrition, clinical nutrition, foodservice management, food sanitation, food processing, food chemistry, and food microbiology.
The journal is indexed in SCOPUS, Chemical Abstracts, Google Scholar, National Discovery for Science Leaders (NDSL), and Korea Citation Index (KCI).

Current Issue
Volume 47 Number 10, October 2018

Original Articles
957 Anti-Diabetic Effects of Water Extracts of Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch Root in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes and C57BL/KsJ-db/db Mice
Ran Jo1, Jeong-Ran Min1, and Sang-Hee Jeong1,2
1Biomedical Science Research Institute; 2Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science, Hoseo University
966 Anti-Tumor Activity of Procyanidin and Its Effect on Hemocytes and Immunity
Yu Jin Shin, Je Hyung Lee, and Yong Kyu Lee
Division of Chemical Engineering, Dongseo University
973 Comparison Study of Antioxidant Activity and Neuroprotective Effects of Barley Sprout Leaf, Root, and Stem Ethanol Extracts
Eui-Hong Byun1, Kwangwook Kim1, Yi-Eun Kim1, Eun-Ji Cho1, Hee-Suk Min1, Jeong-Hyeon Lee1, Gyu-Seong Cho2, Woo Jung Yoon3, Byung Chean Kim3, Dong-Hyun Ahn4, and Won-Jong Park1
1Department of Food Science and Technology, Kongju National University; 2Food and Cosmetics Biotechnology Research; 3Agriculture Jusung Limited Company; 4Department of Food Science and Technology/Institute of Food Science, Pukyong National University
981 Physicochemical Properties of Alcohol Insoluble Polysaccharides Fractions from Watermelon and Oriental Melon Peels and Their Effects on Growth of Intestinal Bacteria
Hyun-Il Jeon, Geun-Seoup Song, and Young-Soo Kim
Department of Food Science and Technology, Chonbuk National University
988 Elevation of Anti-Oxidative and Inhibitory Activities Against Xanthine Oxidase and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme and Anti-Microbial Activities of Extracts from Saururus chinensis by Elicitor Treatment
Eun-Ho Lee1, Hye-Jin Park1, Jae-Bum Jo1, Ye-Jin Kim1, Myung-Uk Kim2, Dong-Hyun Ahn3, Hee-Young Jung4, and Young-Je Cho1
1School of Food science & Biotechnology/Food & Bio-Industry Research Institute and 4School of Applied Biosciences, Kyungpook National University; 2Gyeongbuk Institute for Marine Bio-Industry; 3Department of Food Science and Technology, Pukyong National University
995 Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Mulberry (Morus alba L.) Fermented Liquid in LPS-Induced RAW 264.7 Cells
Young Ju Choi, Mi Hwa Park, Mi Hwang Kim, and Kyung Im Jung
Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Medical Life Sciences, Silla University
1006 Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Hot Water Extract Obtained from Geranium thunbergii Using Different Extraction Temperatures and Times
Hea-Mi Sung, Ye-Seul Seo, and Eun Ju Yang
Food Research Center, Jeonnam Bioindustry Foundation
1014 Characterization of Rice Cake with Ramie (Boehmeria nivea L.) Leaf Extract
Bai Jinshu and Jung-Ah Han
Department of Food and Nutrition, Sangmyung University
1021 Anti-Atopic Activities of Mixture Herbal Aqua Extracts
Bo Kyung Lee1, So Jeong Moon1, Hyun-Sook Kim2, and Yi-Sook Jung1,3
1College of Pharmacy and 3Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Ajou University; 2Woori El Bio
1029 Estimation of Digestibility of Hanwoo Cuts Using In Vitro Physicochemical Gastroduodenal System
Yu-Na Jo1, Hyo-Jeong Hwang2, Michelle Yoo3, Da-Eon Lee1, Tae-Hwan Jung2, and Kyoung-Sik Han1,2
1Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Graduate School and 2Biomaterials Research Institute, Sahmyook University; 3School of Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
1036 Quality Characteristics of Sausage Prepared with Orostachys japonicus Powder
Jung Mi Kim, Mi Hee Lee, and Jong Suk Lee
Division of Food & Nutrition and Cook, Taegu Science University
1044 Effect of Microwave Vacuum Drying on the Quality Characteristics of Garlic and Chili Pepper Powder
Dain Kim1, Seoungsoon Yeo1, Euicheol Shin2, Hyukhwan Song3, Kihwa Kim3, Hyoungyong Lee4, Yoonhwa Jeong1, Misook Kim1, and Youngseung Lee1
1Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Dankook University; 2Department of Food Science, Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology; 3Korea National Food Cluster; 4Uniontech Co., Ltd.
1051 Perception of Fruit Intake by Children and Adolescents from Low-Income Households and Changes to Their Fruit Intake due to the Healthy Fruit Basket Program
Dasol Kim1 and Kirang Kim2
1Nutrition Education Major, Graduate School of Education and 2Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Dankook University

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